SRG is a contemporary artist based out of Manchester, England. Specifically working on large scale black and white pieces.

By the age of 24 Scott had already rubbed shoulders and had the support of some familiar faces, all of whom he has done work for. Just to name a few -  musicians like Russ and Bugzy Malone...


to footballers like Raheem Sterling, James Maddison, Jesse Lingard

past and present Manchester United Captains Rio Ferdinand and Harry Maguire

to PUMA Ltd to PrettyLittleThing Founder and owner Umar Kamani and performance company PhD Nutrition

Whilst creating noise with these world-known companies, influential athletes & business owners Scott found himself also creating collections of work that consisted of everyones favourite characters with a modern luxury twist...

'Rich Disney'

'Rich Superheroes' 

'Greek God Mythology'

These particular collections became very popular and have remained concrete collections that Scott continues to revisit and create new pieces for. 

Now at the age of 26, determined and growing at an exponential pace Scott will continue to create, showcase large scale paintings, custom luxury accessories and most importantly his creativity to the world.


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